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About African Cotton

The African continent represents 5% of global cotton production and more than 9% of the worlds cotton exports. Cotton is one of the most important cash crops on the continent, with more than 2.5 million livelihoods dependent on cotton production alone.

Majority of African cotton is grown by small farmers using a crop rotation method. Most small cotton growers in Africa are dependent with working with natural rainfall and controlling this natural Irrigation is important for African cotton farmers as cotton absorb moisture during its growing phase. Around 8% of the cotton traded in the world market is harvested in the Sub-Saharan region of Africa.

The Beauty Of African Cotton

African cotton is generally picked by hand and has long fibres making the perfect choice for producing materials for T-shirts, trousers and shirts.

Staple length in African is between 18 and 42 millimetres. African cotton is mostly grown by smallholder farmers and hand picked, which ensures its good quality.

Today african is developing its cotton at a fast pace, with many leading cotton association and leading avicultural scientist educating farmers on how to improve yield and best harvest their cotton so it reminds at a high international standard.

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