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It is at the upmost importance that our cotton buyers are receiving a truly dedicated shipping service from start to completion, and here at Cotton Buyer we understand our buyers will always look for the most cost effective, reliable shipping service to best deliver their cotton goods.

Our Shipping service aim to go above and beyond for our cotton buyers as we aim to do long term business with you.

Cotton Bales Packaging

Cotton is packaged, stored and transported in units called bales. A cotton bale consists of cotton fibres removed from cottonseed during the ginning process and packaged for convenient handling, storing and transporting. Bales are formed at the end of the ginning, drying and cleaning process by accumulating cotton fibres in a chamber called a press box. While being held in the press box, bulk cotton fibre is compressed by hydraulic rams typically creating forces up to 4 million N (newtons). Straps or bands are added at the press box to contain cotton fibres to form the bale.

Shipping Containers

We load and secure all our cotton buyer’s shipments before being shipped from Benin, Cotonou port. This plays as a massive advantage for us as it allows us to keep track of your order. Cotton Buyer will make sure your cotton goods are safe and secure at all times. We work with many shipping partners to find you the best available quote and will save you money on your cotton shipments.


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